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Paige Wireless, LLC. Announces Partnership with Nebraska Public Power District to Accelerate Connectivity Across Nebraska.

  • Julie Bushell
  • 10/02/2019
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October 2, 2019 – Columbus, Nebraska – Paige Wireless LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paige Electric L.P.

October 2, 2019 – Columbus, Nebraska – Paige Wireless LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paige Electric L.P., announced Saturday, September 28, a partnership with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) to accelerate the deployment of interconnectivity across Nebraska for computing devices embedded in everyday objects via the Internet, enabling them to send and receive data. Otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), this interconnectivity will be made possible by the Paige Wireless LoRaWAN® network that spans the state.

 “The collaboration between Paige Wireless and NPPD will enable the use of breakthrough technology to deliver exciting new programs and services to our customers” stated Pat Pope, CEO of NPPD.

“We recognize the countless opportunities this technology brings to our great state and we are dedicated to maximizing its capabilities to best serve our customers” added Pope.

The Paige Wireless network aims to reignite rural America’s status as an epicenter for new, practical technologies that help industries, farmers, businesses, students and communities thrive. Nebraska’s new LoRaWAN® network allows users to deploy low-cost sensors, access real time data, and make on-demand decisions to improve efficiency, safety, security, actionability, and the bottom line. On the farm, Paige Wireless is providing solutions to help maximize resources and yield, driven by real time data. Producers across the state now have greater insight into their daily operations. Paige Wireless’ LoRaWAN® network exists to enable producers to lower their costs with more efficient water, nutrient, feed and soil health management. The data collected can offer actionable insight and answers into questions about methodology, sustainability and stewardship. The benefits for rural and farmland applications once considered unimaginable are now within reach.

NPPD sees numerous applications including grid communications and security, advanced data collection for asset management, and efficient electrification of the economy as the technology also has the potential to facilitate broadband deployment in underserved rural areas, through innovative partnerships with local telcos, internet service providers, and wireless internet service providers.

“We are thrilled to partner with NPPD to further expand the capabilities of our network and services across Nebraska” says Julie Bushell, President of Paige Wireless. “This collaboration will deliver the true benefits of connectivity.”

Together, Paige Wireless and NPPD are powering the IoT across Nebraska.


About Paige Wireless

Paige Wireless is the new innovative arm of Paige Electric Co, L.P., with a focus on bringing connectivity solutions to a variety of industrial verticals, for the purpose of remote data collection, automating tasks, security and asset management, resource control, observation, installations, and much more. Paige Wireless drastically expands Paige’s offering of connected solutions, untethering the constraints of wired connectivity. By delivering fully-integrated solutions, Paige Wireless allows rapid adoption of the latest technological advances and the realization of its benefits. Spanning 30 unique markets and all seven continents, Paige and Paige Wireless are together, leading the world in innovative cable and wireless solutions. To find out more, please visit:

About Nebraska Public Power District

Nebraska Public Power District’s mission is to safely generate and deliver reliable, low cost, sustainable energy and related services, while providing outstanding customer service. NPPD’s vision is to enhance the quality of life for Nebraskans, through public power, now and in the future. Working in partnership with the state’s rural public power districts, cooperatives and municipalities, NPPD helps serve an estimated 600,000 Nebraskans with retail or wholesale electric power and energy-related products and services. For more information about NPPD visit


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  • Julie Bushell
  • 10/02/2019